"From one healer to another, Jaime is the absolute BEST! Every session is informative and insightful with Jaime's care and concern for the physical and emotional well-being apparent. I'm looking forward to taking Jaime's classes next and adding Reiki into my own practice. Thank you for all that you do, Jaime!"

Eunice Gong - 9/18/2016

"From the moment I arrived, to the moment I left, Jaime made my first Reiki session a very comfortable and amazing experience. Jaime has found a way to combine her talent and expertise with her great love for people and in doing this has gained a new client. I can't wait for my next session." 

Karla DeCamp - 12/1/2015

"Reiki with Jaime these past few months have definitely made me more grounded. I feel balanced and have been better able to reevaluate and release stress, especially at work. I look forward to each session."​

Brooklyn Sleeper - 2/21/2015


"Jaime is an amazing healer and friend. She understands the bodies needs and listens to what it is missing. I've had chronic pain for over 3 years from several disc and hip injuries. I have tried almost every alternative and traditional treatment out there; everything from nerve blocks to acupuncture...Not only supports my bodies healing, she clears my mind of its fog from pain, worry and frustration. When I come out of a session, I feel as though my body is at peace. Things are aligned and my mind is tuned correctly to look past the physical uncomfortableness. There is consistently a large difference form when I enter a session and when I leave one, and I am always thankful that I know someone who has such an amazing gift. She has made quite a difference in my world, and she will for you too. I obviously highly recommend!!"

Andrea Dupras - 8/13/2015

"I will forever be grateful to Jaime for using her years of training and personal talent to form a business. I was treated to a private, peaceful, enlighten Reiki session, that gave me relief in 24 hours, from a hip pain that flared every night for the last 20+ years. From my 2nd session, Jaime provided me with insight that led me to rearranging my work space to relieve back stress. Looking froward to my 3rd session with this knowledgeable and professional Reiki Master Teacher."

Natalie Watkins-Todd - 8/6/2015

Wow! This is a Miracle! I have seen Jaime five times over several months and my blood sugar readings have never Benn this good in the 47 years that I have been an insulin dependent diabetic... This past two weeks, my meter readings have been perfect readings, everyone of them! That's over 150 readings so far! At the rate of success, this will significantly extend my life for decades to come! The power of Reiki is amazing! I don't know how to thank Jaime enough for connecting me with the (real) spirit of Reiki! Reiki is really healing  me and my glucose tests are proof. Beyond healing me....Helping me manage my health, family and the rest of my life. 

Thank you so much Jaime!

James Henry - March 18, 2016

​"Jaime is truly gifted and an highly skilled healer. I have never had reiki before and am totally blown away with the change that has occurred after only two sessions. I had been struggling with sciatica, extremely low energy and felt like I wasn't grounded. I am happy to say that this has all been resolved! For the first time in years I have been able to put in a long day at work, go to the gym and still have energy to accomplish what I need to at home - total opposite of where I was before. I am losing weight, feel happy and grounded. As a side note - this was all done long distance, not in person. If you are not in the Seattle area you are not out of luck - I live in Arizona and all of this was done without having to be there in person. Truly amazing for me and am a huge fan!
Thank you so much Jaime!"

​Lauri Logan - 3/21/2018

Thanks Jaime! I appreciate the healing sessions, they have had good results.The classes have been great! You rock!

Renee Reinhardt - June 20, 2016