Jaime Todd, CMA, RMT​

At the age of 30, I noticed how my health was drastically declining and I just could not understand why. At the time, I was working full time as a Medical Assistant, taking evening classes, planning a wedding, hitting the gym while trying to maintain a social life. Everyone else seem to do this with ease, so why can't I? But when the weekend came, I WAS EXHAUSTED and worried about where was I going to find the energy just to do daily tasks. So I started looking at my diet and made major changes that improved some of the fatigue. At 33, I had my first child. My hormones were out of control for about 3 years and became discouraged while trying to conceive again with no luck. After going to the doctors to confirm, "yes, your hormones are off the charts...lets refer you to a fertility specialist." I decided I needed to do something completely opposite of what I have been doing. Through silence, listening to my Guides and patience, I realized how powerful this was. Continually healing my own body (having healthy baby #2 at the age of 40) and improving all aspects of my life, I’ve felt the urge to share these tools with others. Here is where I started my journey into the Energy world. Energy Healing is my calling and I would love to share this Universal Energy with you.

What is Energy Healing? 

Everything is made up of energy. Water, music, rocks, cars, you name it; energy and its all around us. The Energy a Reiki Master Practitioner works with is called Universal Energy. It flows through the practitioner into the client, through the client, into the earth or back to the Universe, like a circuit. This Energy assists to help bring the client to their highest level of well being at any given time, affecting all areas of their body, mind and spirit. During a session, the practitioner balances out the 7 main Chakras (energy wheels) and the Energy Field. Universal Energy assists in reducing stress, promotes relaxation and improves the mental outlook on life. Sessions can be done hands-on or at a distance, both are powerful. A full session lasts an hour and when complete;  the client feels relaxed, enlightened and revived.


Reiki originated in India around 620 BC, enlightened Mikao Usui brought it to Japan in the late 1800's, Dr. Chujiro Hayshi, attuned by Usui, taught Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to Hawaii in the late 1900's. Takata passed away December of 1980 and attuned 22 Rieki Master's to keep the healing energy alive and continuing on (Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art. Freedom, CA: The Crossing Press, Inc, 1995. pg. 11). There is a great need in the world for this healing energy to be rediscovered and put to use. Today, this powerful healing practice is evolving and I would love to share this energy with you.